Adult children of alcoholics develop identifiable characteristics. Learning about how you have been affected can assist you in making changes in your life. You can change the family pattern of behavior and break the cycle for yourself and your children. Specific tools and resources will be shared to help you achieve your goals.

Individuals can become addicted to alcohol, other drugs, gambling, food and spending. While addictions have similar and predictable patterns, each person is unique. Emphasis will be in developing a creative plan to address your addiction. Community resources are available. lf a more intense level of treatment is appropriate, you will be referred to another treatment facility.

While anger is a normal emotion it can interfere in your functioning and your relationships. You will learn how to identify triggers for your anger. Additionally, you will be taught how to change your self-defeating thoughts and behaviors with specific tools.

Living is stressful. Sometimes though, you may experience difficulty breathing or a racing heart or a fear of dying. These symptoms are indicative of a more serious problem of anxiety You will learn how to change your thoughts and your behaviors to regain charge of your life again.

If you find yourself feeling empty or caring more about others than you do yourself you could be a codependent person. You will be taught the stages of codependency and specific techniques for changing your behavior. Community resources and literature will be made available.

Depression is an illness that left untreated can progressively worsen. Learning how to fight through depression will be the emphasis. If an antidepressant is appropriate it will be discussed with you and your physician or psychiatrist.

Victims of domestic violence sometimes feel ashamed and overwhelmed, Your self-esteem may be tattered and you may have been isolated from family and friends. Learning how to rebuild your self-esteem, removing yourself from the environment and regaining control of your life will be foremost in the counseling process.

In our life we all experience the loss of a loved one. Sometimes that loss may feel so overwhelming it interferes in everyday functioning. When that occurs you need help working through the stages of grieving and learning how to live again.


lf you have difficulty achieving and maintaining healthy intimate relationships, you may first have to learn how to be intimate with yourself. You will be taught tools to change yourself and recognize manipulative partners.

Survivors of sexual abuse or incest may not experience memories or difficulties functioning until well after the abuse. Working through the emotions surrounding the abuse will help free you to change your life and relationships. An empathetic counseling experience is critical in overcoming the pain.

Life is full of stress. By learning how stress if affecting your life, you can learn how to make different choices and improve your lifestyle.